Massage Therapy

Tranquility, relaxation, & healing are just a few of the benefits you get from massage. At Massage Therapy LLC, a full range of therapeutic & relaxing massages are offered, so you can unwind & feel refreshed & invigorated. There is no better way to treat yourself.


Aroma Therapy

Only safe, top quality therapeutic, food grade ingestible essential oils are used. Absorbable thru skin (second lung) with olfactory scent center preceding all other senses, aroma therapy is known to help improve mood, reduce pain, increase cognitive functions.


                               Hot Stone

Select genuine Hawaiian lava stones are used, with various sizes & weights for different areas of the body. Used in conjunction with other massage techniques, Hot Stone massage provides you with the ultimate in relaxing experience.- the sensation melts stress away like butter!


Special Offers

Gift certificates are available, -as well as gift baskets containing oils & candles, -which can be ordered in various themes for special occasions. Buy 3, get 1 equivalent session free. Also, with 3 paid referrals, get one equal value session free.


Facial & Scalp Massage

Facial massage relaxes mind as it improves circulation to the face, tones & invigorates. Scalp massage helps to balance cranial plates which can shift & cause imbalances of cranial sacral fluid.


Cornbag Compresses

Wonderful healing moist heat that lasts 45 minutes with homemade cornbag compresses, after only 10 minutes in a microwave! Set of 2 pieces for $40. Variety of colors available, or custom colors can be purchased.